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If you are building a new home, you have a lot to think about. Some of the most overlooked issues that could save you thousands of dollars in repairs, are easy design into your new home. Make sure your foundation is stable with new construction piers. Make sure your basement stays dry. We have three great options for new construction that will protect your foundation for years to come.


MarFlex Waterproofing Membrane Being Installed

Pep Waterproofing offers a full line of waterproofing solutions. We also offer exterior waterproofing for new construction projects like virgin polymer membranes and fortified elastomeric membranes. We offer the Mar-flex 5000 system which is an elastomeric membrane which can be applied to most foundations. This system:

  • Flexes with expansion
  • Resists freeze-thaw cycles
  • Stays waterproof longer than roll on damp proofing
  • Insulates your basement
  • Will direct water to your drain tile system

The Geo-Mat products are made of high-density polyethylene, which offers strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure and have excellent drainage. Used for dampproofing, its stud-shaped dimples provide an air chamber between the roll and wall, keeping walls dry. The dimples are aligned along vertical and horizontal axis to rapidly channel water from grade to the footer drainage system. It is resistant to saline solutions, alkalis and acids.


CactusBoard Illustration

An easy, inexpensive solution for home builders, PEP Waterproofing now offers a waterproofing system to new home contractors called the CactusBoard II - a molding that will make a space between the basement floor and the wall, as well as across the footing. It will allow any water leaks to access the stone aggregate beneath the floor, and let it be channeled to the sump pump. Nothing is worse than a new basement that leaks.

Even though it isn't a builder's fault, you will have to deal with dissatisfied homebuyers when their basements leak. Corrections can be costly, and they all be avoided with a small investment in a CactusBoard during construction.

Benefits of a CactusBoard:

  • More inexpensive than repairs
  • If exterior treatment fails, CactusBoard will keep the basement dry - Guaranteed.
  • Save homeowners belongings
  • Keep your customers satisfied


Grip-Tite Foundation Pier Logo

Today, more and more homes are being built on unstable soil. In fact, each year, thousands of homeowners are faced with costly repairs due to foundation problems.

That could have been avoided by installing the Grip-Tite(R) Foundation Systems' Pier System in order to prevent settlement prior to construction. They will pier your foundation on the solid virgin soil far beneath your home - perhaps even the bedrock.

Driverite New Foundation Piers

Dealing with unstable soils in new construction project? Our New Construction Helical Piers can be installed before foundation construction begins to avoid future costly structural repairs. Contact us today.



During new construction it is important to properly waterproof the foundation. The GeoMat+ is a patented producprotects your foundation from exterior moisture seepage.

During periods of heavy rainfall moisture can damage a foundations structural integrity, therefore, effective drainage technologies must be versatile enough to stop any potential moisture problem. The ideal drainage mat needs to move below-grade water towards a drainage system, protect waterproofing or damp proofing membranes from damage and reduce hydrostatic pressure on a structure. Geo-Mat+ provides the ideal drainage material. Whether it is employed as a damp proofing drainage roll or as part of a waterproofing system in conjunction with one of PEP's superior waterproofing membranes, Geo-Mat+ sets the standard for protection.

Mar-flex GeoMat green inset

The system is made from 100% recycled materials, which includes a mix of a polyethylene and geotextile mat. Whenever the polyethylene material is placed next to a waterproofing membrane, special dimples on the mat will be able to drain the water down to the footer drainage system that is already installed. The channels won't clog and they will protect your existing waterproofing membrane from damage.

The special mat will be able to quickly transfer water away from your home, and it has proven time and time again to be effective at taking care of all types of water problems surrounding the base of a structure.

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