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Exterior Dig-Up

The Exterior Dig-up is a possible solution for your foundation leaks. If the old waterproofing system is ruined, it is necessary to replace it with a new one.  It will make your home impervious to water and get the water away from the exterior foundation wall as quickly as possible so that your basement is safe again.

An additional benefit to our system is that a drainage board can be installed outside which will relieve the pressure off the wall eliminating future structural damages (i.e. bowing walls), energy cost savings, and the secure feeling it provides for the homeowner of having a dry basement.

We can then proceed with installing any waterproofing system which works for you home and make it safe permanently.

Why You Should Waterproof the Exterior Foundation

Waterproofing your foundation is like making sure that the rock which your home is built upon is solid and impenetrable. When a foundation cures, it forms tiny holes and cracks. Over time soil and water wear away at these weak points, compromising the structural integrity of the home on top of it. Externally waterproofing your foundation is making sure that it is safe from the effects of water and the elements.

The two ways to achieve external waterproofing are to first is to make sure that the water around your home is being moved away from the foundation. When we dig, we install a drain pipe that moves the water away from the foundation and away from your property. These trenches are from one foot to three feet deep, depending on the specifics of your landscaping. When we refill the trench, we grade the soil away from your foundation so that there are no areas where the rainwater makes pockets around your foundation.

Cactus Board

The second way to complete external waterproofing is parging, or the installation of a waterproof material to put a barrier between the wall and the soil. There are many different products available from rubber roll ons to paint on waterproofing products. PEP Waterproofing will select the product that will work best with the soil composition and saturation of the soil in your area. When the trench is dug to install the drain pipe, we will also apply external waterproofing so that your foundation is as sturdy as possible.

Cactus Board

We actually offer a third external waterproofing option called CactusBoard. The CactusBoard system is placed at the footing of your foundation, relieving hydrostatic pressure even further, so that any water which is not directed away from your foundation will be directed into the sump pump - this is an option for new construction, which will keep your home dry for the rest of its life. With these three systems, you will never need to worry about your basement waterproofing again.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an estimate, please contact PEP Waterproofing today.

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