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Wet Basement Solutions

There are 8 steps to a dry, finished basement:

1. Install an Effective Waterproofing System

Effective drains are part of your waterproofing system.

The beginning of a dry basement is a waterproofing system. Many basements are equipped with french drain systems, but these can often clog and become a problem. We offer several systems such as the WaterGuard or the DryTrak which will pull the water out of your foundation and redirect it to your sump pump.

We will analyze your foundation and decide on the best system to install for your particular needs. Every basement is capable of being dried out, we just need to figure out which way to do it for yours.

2. Install a Reliable Sump Pump with Alarm and Back-up System

The second part of your system is to install a reliable sump pump that will dispose of the water which your waterproofing system collects. You want a pump that is powerful and yet quiet. It should be something you don't need to worry about. Our sump pump systems are extremely powerful and safe. They have alarms to inform you when your pump isn't working, but it should never be a problem with our systems.

The TripleSafe and SuperSump systems are the top of the line, and have several fail-safes to protect your home. We also offer the UltraSump Battery Back up which will protect your home if the power goes out, so that the pump keeps running in big storms.

3. Guard Against Floods from Frozen Sump Discharge Lines

Be sure you have an ice guard in place for your waterproofing system sump pump

Your sump pump discharge line is responsible for ridding your home of water. If it freezes over during the winter months, your sump pump will fail and your basement will flood. The IceGuard will prevent the problem and help your basement system to run smoothly all year.

This small addition to your system will ensure that from draining around the walls to expulsion of the water from your home, your basement will truly be safe from water.

4. Install a vapor barrier on the walls

Install a waterproofing vapor barrier in your basement.

Despite your waterproofing system, your walls will allow water to permeate them. Water vapor will pass through and contribute to high humidity in your basement. The ThermalDry vapor barrier (and similar systems) will direct the water and water vapor down into your drainage system, allowing it to be removed through the sump pump as well. As an added bonus, the wall system will insulate your basement and raise the temperature. The ThermalDry system reflects 97% of the heat in your basement back in, and will help you keep your energy bills down.

5. Keep the floor warm, dry and comfortable

Get a really dry basement floor with ThermalDry floor covering.

After you eliminate the moisture in your home and have insulated your basement, warming the floor with a system that will allow any water vapor to harmlessly pass beneath it into your sump pump is the best way to make your basement usable.

ThermalDry Flooring Systems offers:

  • All plastic subfloor to protect the flooring. Will not grow mold or be penetrated by water.
  • Stylish tiles
  • Carpet tiles
  • Floor prepping system that will allow you to install your own flooring over the top

Your basement floor will be warm and dry forever, allowing you to really enjoy your space.

6. Protect against common plumbing leaks

Use a FloodRing to protect water heaters from flood damage.

One of the biggest threats to your basement is not from outside, but inside. Plumbing leaks from your washer hoses and your water heater failing can flood your basement quickly. PEP Waterproofing will provide the FloodRing to install around basement water heaters and redirect the water to the sump system. We also have washing hoses which will ensure that your hoses never fail.

7. Dehumidify the space

Use SaniDry Basement Air System to dehumidify your basement

The SaniDry™ Basement Air System is a powerful and effective dehumidifier -big enough to do the job - where most standard dehumidifiers are too small

to make much difference. The SaniDry™ dries the air and automatically drains the water out of the hose, so you never have to empty it, like a conventional dehumidifer.

The SaniDry™ takes three times the amount of water out of the air as a typical dehumidifier, yet uses the same energy. The SaniDry™ has a powerful blower to draw musty air in and move the dry, clean air back out into the basement. This unit helps to ensure that you won't have high humidity or a musty odor in your basement.

8. Basic Exterior Maintenance Checklist

Extend downspouts with Basement Systems RainChute as part of your basement waterproofing system.

Make sure that the exterior of your home is properly channeling water away from your home:

  • Extend downspouts with the RainChute system
  • Be sure soil is graded away from your foundation
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean
  • Keep window wells free of leaves and debris

If you have any questions, please contact PEP Waterproofing today.

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