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Sump Pumps

Most types of basement waterproofing solutions require a sump pump to get rid of the water in your basement. It is the most important and final step in your system, so you want a reliable pump that will not fail and cause your basement to flood. The features which you want to consider when purchasing a pump include:

  • Pump
  • Alarm System
  • Liner
  • Lid
  • Battery Back Up

The patented SuperSump® sump pump includes all of these as standard features - the best deal that you can get for your basement.

1. The Pump

Supersump pump works to kee your basement dry.

A failing pump is one of the main reasons a basement leaks. The SuperSump is one of the best systems on the market - its features include:

  • A high powered, cast iron pump
  • Mechanical float switch
  • Capable of pumping 2650 gallons per hour
  • Extremely quiet.
  • Clog resistant - able to pump ½" solids.

The drain on the pump is sealed by a float ball that will give it an airtight seal and prevent odors, yet allow any liquid to drain.The CleanPump® Stand is designed to fit in the bottom of the SuperSump® -ensuring that silt and sediment washing in doesn't block the flow to the water inlet on the bottom of the pump.

2. The WaterWatch Alarm System

Relying on a sump pump without an alarm makes no sense. If the circuit breaker trips, the pump cord is unplugged or the pump fails for any reason, you experience costly flood damage without warning. The patented WaterWatch® sounds off (like a smoke detector) if the water rises above the point where the pump should turn on. This gives you warning to address the problem before any damages occurs. UltraSump® battery back-up pumps are available to pump in a power outage.

3. The SuperLiner

Of course you don't want your sump to be sitting in the mud. The SuperSump comes with an 18" x 24" liner which is heavy duty enough to not tear, yet permeable enough for water to flow directly in. It also has a "pump ring" which keeps the switch from getting hung up on the sidewalls and keeps the pump in the center.

4. The Airtight Lid


The patented lid keeps moisture from evaporating into your basement environment. It also keeps out bugs, odors, radon gas and quiets the pump even more. Your airtight lid will make sure that nothing falls into the pump pit, and keeps children safe. It also features a 2-piece design so the pump can be serviced without disconnecting the discharge line.

Another feature is a special floor drain that lets water down, but air cannot come up through it. If a pipe breaks in your basement, the SuperSump will let the water in and pump it out. The lid is also a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the sump, which protects the market value of your home.

TripleSafe® Sump Pump System


If you never want to worry about having a wet basement again, the Triple Safe is the perfect option. The unique "figure eight" design allows three sump pumps, two AC and one DC to fit perfectly in the TripleSafe® liner. The top of the line in sump pumps, the TripleSafe features:

  • A powerful main pump
  • A more powerful second pump in case of overflow or main pump failure
  • WaterWatch Alarm if the water rises higher than it should
  • Airtight floor drain for plumbing leaks
  • Battery back up for power outages (automatically turns on)

"The TripleSafe® Sump Pump System is for customers who want to keep their basements dry-period!"

The TripleSafe features everything that is included with the SuperSump, and has additional safeguards to make sure that you have the safest, driest basement possible.

Back-up Pumping System

UltraSump with backup battery makes sure your basement stays dry.

If you purchase a SuperSump®, we recommend a back-up pumping system. The UltraSump® represents the state-of-the-art in battery back-up pumping systems. When added as an option to our SuperSump® the UltraSump® will turn on automatically if the primary pump fails to operate. The UltraSump® includes a second DC operated pump, a second automatic switching system, a "smart" charging system, and a high quality battery.

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