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Drainage Channel Waterproofing System

For interior basement waterproofing we can install GUARDIAN® a footer channel drainage system that is a result of more than 30 years of experience, testing, and dedication to finding the best solution to repair wet, leaky, or flooded basements. GUARDIAN® collects basement water seepage right where it occurs, the wall/floor joint. With its compact size, the GUARDIAN® track is designed to install quickly on the footing, limiting the amount of concrete that needs to be removed and replacedsaving precious labor hours and the backs of your installers.

To install GUARDIAN® less than 6 inches of concrete needs to be removed from the basement slab. Since no digging or trenching is required, the amount of time spent hauling and disposing of mud and gravel is greatly reduced.

System Overview

Water enters the basement waterproofing system through weep holes drilled into the bottom course of block and is directed through the channels, sitting on the footer, to the sump pump. GUARDIAN® does not hinder the movement of water like other systems. Its open back design lets water move freely and quickly without “bottlenecks.” Unlike “drainage tile,” GUARDIAN® interior basement waterproofing will not allow water to wash in and out of the system leading to a drier and healthier basement environment.

Key Benefits

  • Open Back Never Restricts Water
  • Bone Dry Cement Seams
  • Catches Water From The Face Of The Wall
  • Much quicker installation
GUARDIAN® Interior Basement Waterproofing System | Footer Channel


Installed Guardian Footer Channel System
Front Outside Corner Guardian Footer Channel System
Sump Drop Kit Guardian Footer Channel System
Top Inside Corner Guardian Footer Channel System
Back Drain Track Guardian Footer Channel System
Drain End Sump Drop Guardian Footer Channel System

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Average rating for PEP Waterproofing is 4.94 stars of 5 stars - based on 75 reviews
Basement Waterproofing in Jefferson City, MO
The interior drain tile basement waterproofing system is working great. We had really big storm with a bunch of water and the system worked great until the electricity went out. We passed on the battery backup for the sump pump so we did get some water after the system was completely full. As soon ...
Mike & Debra M. - Jefferson City, MO 65101